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New pairs trade,

At 330PM EST on the 24th August, 2010 we gave our members the following pair trading signal

Enter Trade LQD/OIL – Long OIL at 20.69, Short LQD at 112.73

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One of those favorable short-term reversal opportunities may be provided on today’s session (August 13, 2010), assumed one would’ve bought the pair SMH vs. XRT (Semiconductor HOLRDS. vs. S&P 500 Retail SPDR) on close of the last session (August 12, 2010).


Hot on the back of the success of Pairtrade Finder Version 2.89, we have upgraded our software yet again! We have listened to user’s major feature requests and worked hard at implementing them into the program.

Pairtrade Finder v2.97 has several upgrades that enhances the function of the software.

First and foremost, we have customized Pairtrade Finder to be able to import data on over 1,000,000 tradeable instruments from around the world including stocks, etf’s, options, futures, commodities and forex. This makes PTF a truly global platform unlike no other available. You can now run a diversified trading strategy over many different categories, geographical regions and products all from one platform.

There is a more user friendly format that flows for the user. Functions have been re-named to make the software experience more simply and easy to follow.

There is a new back testing engine, you can now back test up to 10 years worth of data! This is a massive improvement on the previous 1 year of data.

You can now customize signal settings for each stock group, some markets perform better with different parameters, now you can tailor the signal settings on each group and back test and compare them.

We continue to upgrade our software and this is just the latest installment from our team.


Download from: www.pairtradefinder.com/freeTrial.php (step 2)
User Manual: www.pairtradefinder.com/PTF_UserManual_PTFv297.pdf

Drug giant GlaxoSmithKline (LSE: GSK) is to shell out almost £1.6bn in settlement of legal issues, and it has just reported a £304m second-quarter loss.

Hardly the most obvious reason to buy the stock, you might think. But for ‘pairs’ traders it could present an interesting opportunity.


Further improving on the Pairtrade Alert service, there has been a members log on area added.

This makes it easier for subscribers to follow the trading strategy and see all recent trading signals at a glance.

Subscribers please visit http://members.pairtradealerts.com/Login.aspx to access the members log on area.

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Adding to its already profitable trading record spanning nearly 2 years, Pairtrade Alerts starts today offering real time entry and exit signals on the major most liquid currency pairs.

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The pair is currently trading 1.50 standard deviations from the mean, which puts it in the 20.91% percentile.

Our Pair Trading Tool puts the target move at 8.77%.

If you believe in the principle of mean convergence, it is reasonable to expect that this pair will return to a level more in-line with the mean.


RIM trades at a P/E of about 12 at a price of $56 and APPL at a P/E of 22 at a price of $253.


Phil from catalyst corner writes an interesting article on using BP as part of a pairs trade in which could prove to be very lucrative.


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